Past and Future Mattering: Rethinking the Relations of Time, Space, Nature and Culture

“Our debt to those who are already dead and those who are not yet born cannot be disentangled from who we are. What if we were to recognize that differentiating is a material… Continue reading

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crystals form in the shape of two upturned foxes, screaming in the moonlight because they don’t know what they want or how to get it. maybe i am a fox, wandering with a… Continue reading

Forever Wounded: Remembering and Representing Sexual Trauma

Psychic Reality and Inner/Outer Truths In her book entitled The New Wounded, the French neurologist and philosopher Catherine Malabou discusses theories of interconnectivity between neurological trauma and psychic trauma. For Freud and Lacan,… Continue reading

Manifesto Against Hate and Homophobia: Family Edition

Dear Mom, and Aunt, I’m writing this email to you both to say that our interaction Monday morning was unacceptable. My appearance is not up for discussion or further criticism, period. You both… Continue reading

Where is my spiritual home? Part One, (not) Yoga.

I first came to yoga as a senior in high school who wanted to lose weight. After going to a Hot Power Yoga class with a friend, I signed my dad and myself up… Continue reading

How can bacteria help to re-think relating?

Why is bacteria a way of thinking about relating? Donna Haraway, a pioneer in rethinking about the liminal spaces and relationships between species, coined the term companion species to describe a theory of… Continue reading

Immanent Entanglements: Worlding and Magic in the Virtual

  The Witch The figuration of the witch in Western thought has pervasive roots, which hearken back to the era when magic and science were not yet separate realms of knowledge. With the… Continue reading

Love and iPhones

Why do I still love you? Is it even love? Or nostalgia? Or loneliness that brings my thoughts always back to you when I lie awake at night?   Out of nowhere your… Continue reading

ur so vain u probably think this post is about u

We’re sitting in a crowded bar. It’s a Friday or a Saturday. You only exist on those days except for that one time I saw you on a Sunday. You’re sitting next to… Continue reading

Homophobic Holidays

It’s hard to conceive of a family holiday not plagued with stress, anger, loneliness, or fear. Thanksgivings, for me, have tended to be the most painful, and last year perhaps took the piece… Continue reading